Quality and Environment_

Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad, in its commitment to contribute to the welfare of people, businesses and society, offers within the Comprehensive Security Technology industry the most appropriate services for each case, through innovative applications that make us the technology partner of our clients.

In the performance of this activity, the company considers extremely important, the full Quality of service for our customers with the utmost respect for the Environment. Therefore, the top management at Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad established its Quality and Environmental Policy acquiring the following commitments:

Interest groups

The strategy of Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad (TIS) for the dialogue with the different interest groups seeks to promote transparency and effective dialogue to build relationships based on trust.
This relationship allows us to identify which aspects are considered most relevant and which are the new trends in the field of sustainability. In this way, we establish our objectives, define the strategic plan and, in addition, evaluate our ability to respond to society expectations.
When we speak of interest groups, employees play a key role in building loyalty, as a lever for cultural change and ambassadors of the company. We also promote the search for joint solutions in collaboration with our suppliers and maintain channels of dialogue permanently open with our customers.

To encourage conversation among all stakeholders, all global communication online channels are bidirectional, and collect their opinion and valuation, making available to all interested parties the following e-mail address: tis.clientes@telefonica.com.

Scope of Certifications of our Management Systems

TIS Spain

ISO 9001 “Design, installation, maintenance, consulting and training on devices and electronical security systems against theft, intrusion and fire. Consulting, installation, maintenance and operation of information security technology. Refilling and sealing of fire extinguishers (dust, water and CO2)”.
ISO 14001 “Design, installation, maintenance, consulting and training on devices and electronical security systems against theft, intrusion and fire. Consulting, installation, maintenance and operation of information security technology”.
ISO 27001 “The information systems that support Eleven Paths Cybersecurity Professional Services Spain, services that include: Consulting, Implementation, Technical Offices, Ethical Hacking and Operation Services (including the one provided to TAGS); according to the Declaration of Applicability in force on the date of issuance of the certificate.”
OHSAS 18001 “Design, consulting, installation and maintenance services of electronic security systems against robbery, intruder and fire, and information security technology systems”.

TIS Chile

ISO 9001 “Provision of services: Project development, installation, maintenance and monitoring of equipment, devices and electronic security systems anti-theft, intrusion and fire. The advisory, project development, installation, maintenance, monitoring and engineering of information security systems and computer fraud prevention. Implementation of locations systems GPS (Global Positioning system), fleet management and control”.
ISO 27001 “The information systems that support the services provided by the Control Centre of Integral Security (CCSI), formed by organizational units of monitoring and security of information (SI) and electronic security operation (SE), are detailed below: AntiSpam Service, Content Filter Service, Strong Authentication Service, Technological Risk Management Service (IPS, Intrusion Prevention System), Alarm Processing Service, Access Control Service, Monitoring Service of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), and their location addressed on Avenida Providencia Nº 119, 2n Floor, Providencia, Ciudad de Santiago de Chile, Corporate Building of Telefónica Chile, according to de document “Statement of Applicability” in force at Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad S.A., Agency of Chile”.

TIS Perú

ISO 9001 “Management of Operations of the installations and Maintenances of the following systems: Closed Circuit Television, Access Control, Intrusion, Fire Detection and Fire Extinguish”.

Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad, adheres to the commitments included in the Telefónica Group Environmental Policy, making it as ours, and adhering to our Quality and Environment Policy

This policy is the framework for establishing and reviewing Quality and Environmental objectives of our organization, being reviewed annually for its continued suitability.