OHS Policy_

Occupational, Health and Safety Policy

Policy on Safety and Health at Work aims promotion and improvement of working conditions aimed at raising the level of protection of the safety and health of workers in the performance of their duties through development of an integrated prevention activity of the Company, in order to reduce risks to an acceptable level management.

This comprehensive concept of prevention implies, from the executive standpoint, the security management corresponds to the direction and to the chain of command, responsibilities vested in them. This preventive policy is part of the functions of each and every employee within the company.

Within this context, all staff has a share of responsibility in compliance with safety standards and in achieving adequate working conditions. Hierarchical command line charge of the organization of work - staff inside and outside convention - also it has the executive function to fulfill and enforce compliance among staff responsible Standards and Safety at Work.

The Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad Direction irection wants to broadcast the following principles about Preventive Policy, which purpose is to ensure the safety and health of workers against occupational hazards:

The Management of Occupational Health and Safety Direction throughout the descending hierarchical chain of command, with delegated responsibility for planning and implementation of preventive actions, and the advice and collaboration of the Joint Prevention Service.

Safety and Health require the active collaboration of all employees, applying the procedures and working methods established by the appropriate training to perform their tasks and with the participation and information, both the hierarchical structure of representatives of workers in the corresponding joint committees.

Workers, including the chain of command, must know both the Prevention Policy and Management System of Occupational Health and Safety Company, which will be released for the information of all professional levels in the various publications and internal communications.

These ten major areas, which are listed below constitute our Preventive Policy:

  1. Tutelary compliance with the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks, within a comprehensive concept of Safety and Health, inseparable from productive activity, having as meet legal requirements and other requirements commitment to the organization subscribes related to OSH, the prevention of damage and deterioration of health by establishing an acceptable level of risk, continuous improvement of the management and performance of OSH.
  2. Assess risks derived development and management of processes and services.
  3. Health and Safety Standards represent the concern of the entire company for the promotion of safety and health professional group.
  4. Establish annually preventive planning with the involvement of all areas, coordinating the various actions to be carried out according to the preset strategy.
  5. Facilitate the formation of the entire organization: preventing specific risks of each position, emergency and first aid. Periodically update strategic plans and content, depending on the specific needs.
  6. Provide health monitoring throughout the organization, as an expression of concern for health promotion and improving the quality of working life.
  7. Normalize corrective measures and personal protective equipment arising from the risk assessment.
  8. Implement System Occupational Health and Safety management to ensure the criteria preventers processes and services.
  9. Check the aspects of prevention to ensure the participation of the entire company in the promotion of Safety and Health.
  10. Analyze annually the status of the issue and the strategy to follow based on the results obtained.