OHS Policy_

Labor Welfare Policy

The policy on Safety and Health at Work in Telefónica Ingeniería de Seguridad, aims to promote and improve the conditions aimed at the prevention of damage and the deterioration of health in a Safe and Healthy Work environment, guaranteeing well-being through the promotion and promotion of health through the integrated management of prevention in the activity of the Company and at all hierarchical levels of the same.

The commitment with our employees is based on the implementation and implementation of a Safety and Health Management System at Work, based on requirements of international standards. This System provides the frame of reference for defining the objectives and annual planning, is documented and proceduralized, is periodically reviewed by senior management and is available to interested parties.

This commitment focuses on the following principles:

  1. Ensure compliance with the regulations on Occupational Health and Safety, as well as adopt, in a complementary manner and in accordance with the prevention principle, internal norms or international standards. 
  2. To implement Health and Safety Management Systems that prevent and minimize the impact that the activities may cause on workers, under the Healthy Company model, supported and reviewed periodically by senior management.
  3. Encourage respectful behaviors with the safety and health of workers, including those risks that derive from new technologies, forms of work organization and new scientific advances in this area.
  4. Apply principles of continuous improvement in our activity, products and services, through evaluation and operational control, in order to define and materialize ambitious global and local objectives.
  5. Form and sensitize all workers, transmitting the importance of the integration of Prevention at all hierarchical levels.
  6. Provide our professionals with effective protection that guarantees full security in the development of their activities
  7.  Promote in our Collaborating Companies the best practices in Occupational Safety and Health.
  8. Collaborate with other organizations in the search for solutions that contribute to face the challenges of the new work models.
  9. Communicate regularly and transparently our performance to all stakeholders, also addressing their concerns and concerns regarding Occupational Health and Safety.
  10.  Promote information, participation and consultation of the social representation to ensure safe and healthy work environments.