VSC- Video Security in Telefonica’s private Cloud

#ATRC, #VideoSurveillance, #Integration | News | July 11, 2017


Nowadays, the electronic security, fire protection and access control systems of more than 8,000 Telefónica installations are managed and maintained by the ATRC (Alarms and Teleservices Reception Center). It is a 24x7 operations center with national scope and territorial coordination.

The challenge

Implement a video surveillance solution for the protection of base stations, unattended switches and underground sites that complement and integrate into the traditional security system operated from the ATRC, guaranteeing security, privacy and continuous operation.

The solution

TIS participates in the first phases of consulting and selection of platform and devices in direct contact with the client, synthesizing and completing the functional requirements which make the present solution to meet the real and future needs, improving the joint operation with the other systems and procedures available at the operations center.

In parallel, from TIS it is started a line of conceptualization of the solution based on the basic functionalities signalized and agreed with the client and begins with the selection of video and communications devices. This last aspect is key and differential in relation to the traditional video solutions, due to the heterogeneity in available access lines and the presence of a large number of installations accessible only from the mobile network, which present high latencies, variable bandwidths (depending on the number of users connected to the same cell), sporadic connectivity losses that cause the failure in the current transmissions.

This conditioning of the “environment” requires paying special attention to the improvement at both ends. In particular, the video capture processes have been improved, temporary local storage and assuring video file transmission associated with events by market-based IP cameras have been improved, avoiding the use of recorders that make installation expensive and represent an additional point of maintenance and failure.

The platform responsible for consolidating the video clips, improves the management and treatment of video clips associated to these events, guaranteeing the sending of lightweight images instantly, as well as the retransmission of video clips stored in remote in case of failure at the time of transmission.

Finally, at the other end, security guards and room operators, the platform is integrated with the current reception and management alarm systems, fulfilling the basic objective of completing and improving the thousands of signals that are daily managed from the said center and without the Interruption or shutdown of other systems.


Once again, through the present challenge and supported by technology, we put in value the vision, the experts from the different areas, as well as TIS´s ability to overcome and improve, becoming a key player in the different phases of the project as well as maintenance and daily operation.

TIS leads the development and evolution with the client and the necessary relationship with the technological partners identified in the design and implementation phase: platform, communications, IT systems, IP cameras.

The selection of an open platform that enables the existence of different manufacturers of compatible cameras allows the customer to have a wider range of video equipment, more price competitive with functionalities that evolves as the market does and as opposite to monolithic (proprietary) solutions that condition a single vendor or equipment supplier and serious limitations in the later and natural platform´s evolution, that this type of systems require.

By implementing the high availability platform in the customer’s Data Center, we guaranteed compatibility with existing procedures, systems and processes, led by the center’s IT support team, giving to that team more autonomy in the usual monitoring processes, backup and restoration procedures, resulting in greater confidence in the solution by the IT support team of professionals and minimizing reaction times in response to crashes or failures.

From the installation side, this new model, supported by the technology, allows TIS to reinforce and improve the remote installation processes of cameras, encoders, 3G routers, evolving in the preparation and configuration tasks of equipment as a step prior to sending the equipment to the installation, minimizing the time spent and the number of incidents associated to the deployment of this type of solutions.

In addition to the training and internal team´s communication skills, in the present case we had to take special attention on the training and the customer operator support in ATRC and client´s IT personnel, taking a daily follow-up in the initial phase of implementation that allowed us to know by first-hand daily based use cases and new requirements and different ways of proceeding to the events that where around but hadn´t been presented yet, allowing us to respond in a timely manner and adapting the solution to the new requirements.

Another differential value is the direct communication with the client’s staff, which allows us, in the maintenance phase, to detect incidents and anomalous behaviours prematurely, discriminating and classifying these type of events, minimizing the number of interventions due to this cause.

Ultimately, this project represents undoubtedly the value proposition of TIS, a firm commitment to clients through technology, ensuring the operation of a service that covers the initial requirements and adapting to an environment in constant technological evolution by combining technology, qualified personnel, knowledge and integration in procedures in a client whose mission, is the management of the security of thousands of sites distributed throughout the national territory.

Jesús David Alonso Domínguez
Expert in Engineering and Consulting